What to eat at Dolores Chicharon

Pinoy snack we've tried at Dolores Chicharon Manufacturing in Sta. Maria, Bulacan

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What to eat at Dolores Chicharon
What to eat at Dolores Chicharon

The famed Dolores Chicharon original store is located in Brgy. Poblacion in Sta. Maria Bulacan. In the vibrant tapestry of Filipino street food, chicharon capture the essence of both flavor and texture. Skilled artisans at this local chicharon manufacturing pay close attention to detail to ensure that the final product is only delicious but also safe for consumption.

This delectable treat, made from fried pork skin and intestines, has become a staple snacks for Pinoys who love the street food with its crispy exterior and savory goodness.

What to eat at Dolores Chicharon
What to eat at Dolores Chicharon

What to eat at Dolores Chicharon

Chicharon. Dolores and among other facilities in Bulacan produces chicharon, where the majority of the livelihood in Bulacan comes from poultry and pig farming (piggery). A common snack in the Philippines, pork chicharon is made from deep-fried pork skin. Chicharon comes in various forms, including regular chicharon (plain pork skin), chicharon bulaklak (fried pork mesentery), and chicharon bituka (fried pork intestines). These snacks are frequently eaten as ingredients in other cuisines or with vinegar dipping sauce.

Dolores chicharon
Dolores chicharon (PhP 120)

Bucheron. The chicharon bituka is called bucheron (buche). Pork intestines must first be properly cleaned and prepared before beginning the labor-intensive technique of making bucheron. These intestines undergo a rigorous cleaning process, are defatted, and are seasoned to produce distinct flavor profiles that set apart various bucheron producers.
Dolores bucheron
Dolores bucheron (Php 200/200 grams, Php 120/100 grams)
Available in original and hot and spicy flavor

Fish Crackers. Also referred to as shrimp chips or prawn crackers, these are a well-liked and well-known snack that has appealed to Filipinos of all tastes. The main ingredient in fish crackers is a paste comprised of fish, flour, and additional flavorings. Shrimp or ground prawns are the main ingredient that gives them their unique flavor. This seafood infusion adds a wonderful perfume to the crackers in addition to giving them a distinct flavor. Typically, tapioca or cassava are two of the many kinds of starch utilized in fish crackers. When mixed with water, this starch creates a soft dough that may be formed and molded in preparation for the important step of deep-frying. The result is a light and airy cracker that expands when exposed to hot oil.
Dolores fish crackers
Dolores fish crackers (Php 180)

Products from Dolores Chicharon are more than just textures—they're potential explosions of flavor. Taste buds are captivated by the sensory experience created by the carefully chosen spices and the rich, savory flavor of pork. Certain varieties can contain a touch of spice, which would thrill the taste even more.

Fish crackers and chicharon are adaptable snacks that go well with a variety of dips and sauces or can be eaten on their own. The traditional vinegar dip, which is frequently flavored with chile and garlic, offers a tart counterpoint to the richness of the chicharon. Some even like to try it with unusual sauces or serve it with a cool side of tomato salsa and green mangoes. 

How to get there:
211 A. Bonifacio St., Villarica Subd.
Brgy. Poblacion, Sta. Maria, Bulacan

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