Top 10 Drinks at Hyde Manila Bar

What to try at Hyde Manila in Manila Prince Hotel

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What to try at Hyde Manila in Manila Prince Hotel
Top 10 Drinks at Hyde Manila Bar

Exploring the signature drinks and the classic cocktails of Hyde Manila Bar

20 January 2024. Ermita, Manila. - Hyde Manila Bar at Manila Prince Hotel is a new hangout for cocktail enthusiasts seeking a taste of timeless elegance, tucked away amid the bustle of Ermita. This bar is certain to become a go-to destination for anyone looking for expertly made crafted drinks and a window into the heyday of mixed drinks, thanks to its lush atmosphere and vintage menu.

Exploring the signature drinks and the classic cocktails of Hyde Manila Bar
Hyde Manila interior

Hyde Manila's unique concept will take you to a place hidden underground adorned with lush greens and in harmony with nature. The staff will greet you warmly and lead you to a different area just a short distance from the dresser-inspired entryway. The entrance door, which greets guests with a family wardrobe, accentuates the nostalgic theme. Hyde Manila has thoughtfully curated a broad range of music genres to play as a background chill vibe for a great night out.  If we were to ask, the playlist atmosphere should usually go up a little bit depending on the night, and then they should learn how to read a bar audience or play music that draws people in without going too far. It's okay to pair mellow pop, jazz, funk, soul, and occasionally percussion-heavy electronic dance music (EDM) with bar requirements. Without a doubt, the location is ideal for relaxing after a long day at work or for spending a special evening with friends in a secret location. Hyde is always available to help with recommendations, and they are happy to offer advice as well as the best drinks to round out the evening.

Top 10 Drinks at Hyde Manila Bar
Hyde Manila signature drinks

10 Signature Drinks from Hyde Manila

Hyde Manila Bar takes great pride in its dedication to the art of mixology, where skilled bartenders create traditional cocktails with a creative twist by expertly blending premium spirits with fresh ingredients. Every drink is a well chosen trip through the lengthy history of cocktail culture, not just a sip.

Iron Lady - The Thatcher twist. Margaret Thatcher, popularly referred to as the Iron Lady, is the inspiration behind the name. It has a clean taste. Tequila-based cocktail that is fruity on the palate.

iron lady  drink at Hyde Manila Bar
Iron Lady (Php 380)
Currently our second fave 

Duchess - Royal radiance. With each sip, this pale purple cocktail conveys sophistication and sovereignty. A refined blend of Absolut Vodka, Silver Rum Bacardi, Peach Schnappes, blue butterfly pea, lemon juice, and sparkling wine.
duchess drink at Hyde Manila Bar
Duchess (Php 580)
Our number one must have

Tudor Rose - Blossom in the night. A dark cocktail that gets better with each drink. Aperitif, citrus, cognac, and Sambuca come together to create a refreshing twist. 
tudor rose Drinks at Hyde Manila Bar
Tudor Rose (Php 380)

Dis Moi, Oui - Say "oui" to the extraordinary. This drink validates one's enjoyment of alcohol. A journey into a cool, blue world of tequila, citrus, and egg white, accented by the sweetness of agave.

Maharlika - Symphony of Philippine rum. Mouthwatering, strong, and best savored slowly. This concoction is designed to pay tribute to Philippine rum. A drink with a strong spirit that honors the long history of the local distilleries

Speaker's Corner - Whisper tales during late night conversation. A strong, wild beverage that conceals a whispered secret. Campari provides a layer of curiosity, while the charm of bourbon blends with the delicate twist of orange bitters and pineapple.
speaker's corner Drinks at Hyde Manila Bar
Speaker's Corner (Php 380)

William X Harry - Unleash the spirits. Discover the classic echoes as sweet vermouth and whisky merge. A hint of grenadine—the trip is just as addictive as the final destination.
william x harry Drinks at Hyde Manila Bar
William X Harry (Php 480)

Sapphire Ring - Engage with discretion. A drink that blends a howling mix of vodka, rum, gin, and tequila, giving it a wild edge. The vibrant twist of soda water, the blood-red embrace of grenadine, and the blue curacao all contribute to its deep, enigmatic appeal.
sapphire ring Drinks at Hyde Manila Bar
Sapphire Ring (Php 380)

Lake Serpentine - Still waters run deep. A beverage made with rum that reveals layers with each drink. Enjoy a great drink to feel the stormy kick in the last drop.
lake serpentine Drinks at Hyde Manila Bar
Lake Serpentine (Php 380)

Camilla - A secret stroll. This intriguing concoction dances on the palate thanks to the strong spirit of Glenfiddich scotch, a shot of Pere Kermann's Absinthe, and a squeeze of lemon.

Classic Cocktails and Mocktails

Hyde Manila Bar's sour cocktails, mojito, bourbon coke and the rest of the cocktails are must-tries for people who enjoy the classics. This popular cocktail is made with equal parts of alcohol, sugar, blended bitters, and it's well made. With every gradual sip, the drinker gets to experience the complex tastes of the drink because it is poured on the rocks. 

Here's a rundown of what we've tried during our second visit.
vodka sour cocktail Drinks at Hyde Manila Bar
Vodka Sour

mojito cocktail Drinks at Hyde Manila Bar

bourbon coke cocktail  Drinks at Hyde Manila Bar
Bourbon Coke

Hors d' oeuvre

A selection of appetizer or side dishes comes in 4 kinds.  They also have popcorn and peanuts in small portions as starters. 

fish and chips at Hyde Manila Bar
Fish and Chips (Php 299)

Flavored Chicken Wings Drinks at Hyde Manila Bar
Flavored Chicken Wings (Php 499)
Choice of Buffalo to Garlic Parmesan 

French Fries Overload with dip at Hyde Manila Bar
French Fries Overload (Php 199)
This cheezey fries is one for the road. 

nachos overload at Hyde Manila Bar
Nachos Overload (Php 399)
Nachos are loaded, I'm guessing you can order extra nacho chips. 

In the downtown area of Manila, the Hyde Manila Bar in the Manila Prince Hotel is a shining example of conventional drinking culture. Every drink on the menu, from the expertly made Martini to the exotic charm of the Mai Tai, tells a story of creativity, tradition, and mixology abilities. Hyde Manila Bar encourages you to travel back in time and enjoy the flavors of a bygone period, all inside the modern grandeur of Manila Prince Hotel, whether you're an experienced cocktail enthusiast or just a casual sipper. Let's toast with classic cocktails and time-tested favorites!

Exploring the signature drinks and the classic cocktails of Hyde Manila Bar


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How to get there?
Hyde Manila
Basement, Manila Prince Hotel
1000 San Marcelino Street, Ermita, Manila

Images are by D. Villena and K. Torres

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