Sunday, January 30, 2011

Buttered Mushroom Broccoli veges

A 10-minute meal to cook, an alternative for kids (like mine who hardly eats vegetables) Though what's ironic was my kid can eat steamed native ampalaya leaves and the arocep (seaweeds). As picky as she was! :) But this buttered mushroom broccoli is one of her fave.
Buttered Mushroom Broccoli
a can of mushroom [whole or halves]
young corn
stalk of broccoli
bell pepper
little oil
lots of garlic [native garlic are way tastier]
salt & pepper

Saute garlic into oil and butter until brown, add mushroom until cooked.
Add the carrots, young corn and broccoli. Mix. Add the cabbage and bell pepper. Seasoned it with salt & pepper. Serve hot! 

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