Foodamn Philippines: Beef Papaitan

Beef Papaitan

The Beef Papaitan sometimes Kambing Papaitan [more yummy and healthy!] was cooked by my father-in-law Papa Ben. He only cooks this on special occasion. This time it's for his long-time friend and former officemate in Tariff Commission of the Philippines, Isagani Garduce who was celebrating his 61st birthday. Who happens to be one of our ninong [marriage]. We fondly called him as Ninong Gani. Friends and officemates came by to cheers and celebrate.

Papa Ben also prepared some inihaws [grilled fish] and warek-warek [not in picture]. Warek-warek is made from pork's liver, tail, tongue, ears and jaws. Spiced with mayonnaise or pork's brain. Can you eat some? :) 

All of these are for their "pulutans". 

cups are ready to roll!
Inihaw na Tilapia & Bangus
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