Celebration: Happy 83rd Birthday Ninang Mimi!

Filipino Style Birthday Celebration 

This section is dedicated to our family member Mimi Villena, our Godmother [marriage] born in Pangasinan, January 31, 1928. Her husband Lolo Camillo, was Papa Ben's brother.  Lolo Camillo used to worked as Marcos cabinet member. He died of heart attack at age 56 and Ninang Mimi was left with 3 married children. As she celebrate her 83rd birthday, this lady out here had an eye laser treatment, we were amazed when she read the imprints of a wrist baller. "Whoa! As clear as crystals! 

The gathering was exclusive for family members only. The last time we went to her party, she invited most of her friends and "kababata". Cool as the oldies are, so nice to watch them over and hear their stories. 
Her pastime includes baking, cooking and breeding dogs. She always had a banana cake and pudding her inside the fridge. She makes a great leche flan too! Also, she's fond of dogs, her tan dachshund Bridgette was adorable while Rocky, her black dachshund was lost when she was out of the country. Most of the time, she pays visit to her children in Japan and United States. Yes, the granny is a solo traveler too. We wish you good health and long life Lola Mimi!
Lechon de leche
Cheers to a good life! I was surprise with Lola Mimi's batchmate, they eat Lechon with so much G-U-S-T-O! =) I respect their love for food, besides who can ignore this sweet thing. 

BBQ's speedy cooking time with the weber
Ninang Mimi's special sotanghon
Sweet & sour tilapia

Rellenong Bangus
Plain & ube Biko

Langka tree from her dwellings
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  1. In fairness, ako ay nagutom. Sis, join ka Food Trip Fridays. Magandang entry ito!

  2. Uy thanks sis, how's the procedure on Food Trip Fridays? :)

  3. visiting you from food trip friday...and yes, ang sasarap ng food, it was a feast! kakagutom naman talaga nitong mga pinoy foods...:) have a great week!

  4. Thanks and Welcome to Food Trip Friday and you really start with a bang! :D


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