Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Leyte's Miguel Special Binagol

What is Binagol?
Binagol is a Leyte delicacy, a mixture of pure talyan [a type root crop similar to gabi], coconut, margarine, sugar, milk, vanilla, rice [malagkit] and eggs. 

Placed inside the coconut brim/shell ["Bagol" means coconut shell] and wrapped with banana leaves and securely tied with strings. Steamed for half an hour from a firewood.
Talyan plants
Photo by: Tacloban Daily Photo
Talyan grows taller than average person, compare to gabi or taro plants they appear much larger. Binagol has the special variety and the regular variety. I wonder what's the difference between the two? We got ours from a Leyte locals as pasalubong The inside looks like "tamales", don't ask me how was it, I didn't give it a try, loser me. Not in the mood to try something new, maybe next time.