Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Orange Swits: Pinoy na pinoy

MRT's and air-conditioned commuting vehicle is still on a blue-print. Mind you I was still a toddler and SM North Edsa & Ali Mall was hip then. My aunts will tag her pamangkins along and will ride the yellow (Marikina) bus. Street vendors will creep inside the bus with goodies on their shoulder. Swit orange who can never forget. So "ma-orange di ba?" Before it's the original. So the years went on. 

This time it's different, the original swit orange had replicas already! But darn! it tastes fake with all the sugar and synthetics. When we passed by the St. Peter footbridge, under the bridge are piles of vendor from drinks, candies and chi-cha. My little tote whispers "please buy me orange candy" so that went on everytime we passed by that area, although sometimes I re-route her to avoid the synthetics. Until one day, saw in the grocery the new look of Swit Orange, Oh I said to Drei (my kid) this is the real orange baby! :)