Free Dr. Pearl Cooler's Chantilly Shake from Foodamn!

Dr. Pearl is a Taiwan-based product and has an ISO certification. No need to worry on melamine scare and the carcinogens, plus the ingredients are all imported and of high-standard quality assurance of a healthy beverage. 
Before I come up with an article about Dr. Pearl's, Foodamn! is giving away a 3 free chantilly medium-size shake, a Dr. Pearl pen & sticker. The chantilly shake gift certificate is valid from March 27 to April 2 only. Thus this will be a 1-day promo.
All you have to do is follow me and tweet this message: 

Visit Dr. Pearl Cooler at Robinson's Metro East and try the new shake-based drink Chantilly. Follow @GreenDei to win 3 GC's from Dr.Pearl

Winner will be announced on March 29 via Twitter and Foodamn! Philippines.
Only one winner for this promo, prizes will be sent via local courier [1-day delivery] or you may claim from my place in NCE I, Diliman, Quezon City.