Healthier Junk Food: Four Seas Seaweed

Four Seas Seaweed snacks

Japanese Food

All along I thought [until I read the label just today] I will prepare a home-made maki, I have this nori package inside the fridge for almost 2 weeks. It was a ready-to-eat nori snack. And my kid who loves arosep (fresh seaweeds) as her appetizer, surprisingly also love the dried version. I remember my aunt based in Japan, once a year she goes home for a 2-weeks vacation. She brought home Japanese cooking stuff like the ones used to make a maki, nori, Japanese curry bar, stocks of kikoman, boxes of ramen, dried goods and snacks, etc. She often makes a Pinoy version of maki. So I said, methinks I can level Japanese chef-attitude =) But i was totally wrong, we were munching this nori with a cup of coffee.
Healthier Junk Food: Four Seas Seaweed
This nori pack came from Hongkong and contains the following: 
seaweed, flavouring sauce, sugar, soy sauce [contains soy beans], flavor enhancer, mirin, salt, fish, shrimp extract [contains crustaceans]. 

Has 12 individually packed nori, each pack has 3 thin pieces nori. Under the license and the strictest quality control of Nico Nico Nori Inc. Japan.

I wonder how safe Japan's food control now that an issue of radiation contamination is rampantly reported globally.

A healthier option for kids and adult, wish this was cheap in the Philippines, oh the country is rich though with fresh seaweeds, in fact our supply are being trade as export to other countries esp. I believe in Japan. How come we can't make one like this?

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  1. I wonder what that tastes like,Nori snacks :)I followed you from the foodie blog roll and I'd love to guide Foodista readers to your site. I hope you could add this nori widget at the end of this post so we could add you in our list of food bloggers who blogged about nori,Thanks!

  2. I used to drop some of these in stew.. they're good... dropping by for Green monday.

  3. I guess i already tasted that. Happy GM!

  4. I wonder what's the taste of that..ehehe. Happy Green Monday. Mine is up now.

  5. dont think that they sell that around here thanks for sharing

  6. oh how i love that see weed :-); yummy!


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