Dr. Pearl Seaweed Puff

Japanese inspired food

Do I sound like a Nori-Holic? 

To think there's the need to post another section for Dr. Pearl's Seaweed Puff? =)
There must be something with seaweed/nori. Magnets? =) 
Or the way it was connected with Japan?
I even wished we were born and bred Japanese.
But it didn't ran into my vision that we are located along Miyage Prefecture or Northern Japan.
I love the lifestyle, the culture, the discipline, dynamic and vastly rich country.
How can Philippines level the competency? That need to be responded on another discussion.
Meanwhile, attention Dr. Pearl Cooler: Please release the Seaweed and Kimchi popcorn flavors ASAP! Demanding aren't we? =)
And add more seaweed tiny bits, and retain the slight sweetness on it.
Some popcorns are damn generous with sugars. 
If the delivery concept would take a while. We hope you try the racks from the groceries! =) And do consider the affordability to the consumers. 
Or hope you open more stores in Manila, Quezon City in particular. 
Or give me a ring where to find you guys. 

-missing the seaweed puff-

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