Friday, June 17, 2011

Bohol: Boldi's Hillcolate

The island of Bohol in the Visayas region of Philippines is known for serene beaches & resorts, Philippines tarsier and most of all the famous chocolate hills. I came across a chocolate brand made from Tagbilaran City named Boldi's Hillcolate - a chocolate hill-shaped made from 100% premium chocolates, uniquely shaped into Bohol's famous attraction - the chocolate hills. 

Boldi's hillcolate goodness is available in 3 variants: 
  1. Plain Dark
  2. Crispies
  3. Truffle Filles
Its main ingredients are: cocoa solids, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa liquor & lecithin. The packaging is assisted by the Department of Science & Technology. Tagged as "bring home Bohol's famous Chocolate Hills with you..." The plain dark one tasted bittersweet, cacao flavor is very strong you can actually distinguished the cocoa liquor in it, won't easily melts in your mouth - it retains it thick, soft & chewy form, this is probably because it has no milk ingredients. Thus you won't find the creamy factor. Quiet good for those who doesn't like too sweet chocolates. Although I prefer the one with rice crispies or they could actually experiments incorporating local available nuts for more variations.

VRANT Food Products
"maker of Bohol's best pasalubong"
J.A. Clarin Street
Tagbilaran City
[m] 0920.910.9569