Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chef Tony's White Chocolate Walnut Popcorn Snack

When we thought of having popcorns from Chef Tony's, it could either be White Country Cheddar, Parmesan, White Chocolate Walnut or Honey Browns. Being a consumer, noticed the price increased within 2 months from PhP150 to PhP195. Chef Tony's website wasn't even updated yet, I think it was at PhP175. Even so, we still love their popcorns! This container has whole chunks of real walnut, remember the health benefits of nuts? Walnut is great for the brains, and I eagerly suggested it to my toddler instead of the usual Chef Tony's  Strawberry flavor, yep they get the kids attention through the Disney Princess' and Car's packaging. 

Chef Tony's
White Chocolate Walnut
Size: Large
Net Weight: 350g
Cost: PhP 195

Chef Tony's Snack Foods Phils. Corp.
739 Banawe Avenue
Quezon City 1114
Manila, Philippines
[m] 0917.500. CORN