Trinoma: SumoSam


Trinoma, Quezon City 

Obviously for some reasons, our fave lists from Sumosam will often include a Salmon Sashimi, Spicy Tuna Salad and the Tori Chizu Maki. We've been in SumoSam Marquee branch a couple of times , the salmon sashimi in Marquee has a bigger servings / slices. The rest was just the same. Also the Mushroom Yakisoba & Tori Chizu is great for kids. But the Trinoma branch is bigger enough to accommodate diners compared to Marquee's very limited space.
Salmon Sashimi
Php 218 [approx. $5]

For the Salmon Sashimi, the wasabi and lemon slice is quiet "bitin" [not enough]  for us :) Just do care to ask for a little extra wasabi & lemons and they'll be willing to serve. Same with the Japanese mayo dressing for the Spicy Tuna Salad, an extra dip is a sure fire.
Spicy Tuna Salad
Php 218 [approx. $5] 
Mushroom Yakisoba
PhP258 [approx. $5]

I say this again, when your in a specific place, make it a habit to order new stuff and also the classic ones. Like this for example, I'm sure you have tried a variety of Yakisoba versions. This one taste a little roasted, it has asparagus and 2 kinds of mushrooms. The Tori Chizu Maki is something else too, very tender rolled chicken fillet. Other tori chizu is usually deep fried, I think theirs is boiled first and then grilled or baked, correct me if I'm wrong.

Tori Chizu Maki
Php 208 [approx. $4]
Watermelon Shake & Red Iced Tea
SumoSam was among the selected restaurants participating in Ayala Malls' EAT Dining Festival which will run from July 8 to September 30, 2011. Co-sponsored by The Philippines Star and BPI.
Level 4
EDSA corner North Avenue
Quezon City, Philippines
[t] 901.3262

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