Leslie's Farmer John and Wild Willy's

Leslie's has been in the consumer's list for such a long time, still, we've never outgrown out love for Clover Chips. The minute you hear Leslie's, it's Clover Chips that distinguishes the brand. Even the nearest "sari-sari" store never runs out the famous "chichirya" [snacks]. It's about time, Leslie's step out from the shadow of Clover Chips :) and very timely, it introduces a new line of Potato Chips in the market  - "Farmer John" Premium Potato Chips, tagged as the freshest and the finest made with imported farm grown potatoes

Leslie's Farmer John
I get to try different potato chips variants:
  • Farmer John Plain Salted
  • Farmer John Cheddar and Sour Cream
  • Farmer John BBQ Sausage
  • Farmer John Mesquite BBQ

The chip's texture damn! taste like imported - brand potato chips. Pumped with skillfully sliced chips and that crunch attitude not to mention the chips were priced affordably by Leslie's and it was proudly Filipino-made. How could you not try it? 

  1. 90 grams = PhP44.50
  2. 22 grams = PhP12

Leslie's Wild Willy's
"Chicharon" is probably the most famous and old tradition snack food/past time munchers of the Filipinos. Leslie's has come up with different chicharon approach, adding a Western touch through Wild Willy's Real American Chicharonnes. The old-folk Chicharon is set to smaller bites chicharonnes, dressed and spiced-up to cater to the changing taste buds of the Pinoy.
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  1. my sis didnt like wild willy's coz it's too salty

  2. Hi Pinkcookies, yes its a bit salty that's why it's best if you have a prepared vinegar dip. I believed a lot chicharon munchers are way too salty, it's a matter of control on our eating habits :)

  3. Farmer John's Cheddar & Sour Cream tastes a bit like FritoLay's Ruffles. it's great that I now have an alternative to Ruffles if I get low on budget. :)


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