Pastry Arts by Khey

Pastry Arts by Khey

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Pastry Arts makes themed cakes, celebration cakes, wedding cake, cake puffs, cupcakes, rum cake, fruit cake for all occasion and special events.
Pili Tart by Pastry Arts by Khey

 Cupcakes PhP55 each
The good thing about this Pili Tart was its jam/fruit fillings were not too sweet, crust has the right proportion in terms of thickness and flaky. Some tarts in the market ends up with too thick and hardened crust, and justified with too much sugar into the filling, then sell it at an unfairly price, why not?  Because in a  pastry world - raw material, labor and expertise counts. :) 
Cake Puffs PhP45 each
Themed Cake Puffs PhP55 each
Speaking of acquired expertness, Pastry Arts learned her culinary approach and methods through the following institutions:
  • International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management
  • Wilton Philippines
  • Academy for International Culinary Arts
  • Enderun
  • Dorothy Ferreria Culinary School
  • Dusit Hotel Pastry Class
Grab a bite! 
Pastry Arts by Khey Olayvar
For orders and inquiries:
[m] 0922.832.6313 / 0920.908.8299

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  1. thats looks really yummy. Pastries nowadays are so expensive and good looking, you are tempted to have it laminated and framed on the wall

  2. Hi Macherie! Try seeing thing this way, imagine the increased in price commodities, increasing charge on utilities, tuition fees on a culinary class, time and effort. End product justify the cost, although pastry chefs should do something about their skills and taste of their creations. Customers are as meticulous in comparison to their standards. Cheers! :)


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