Quezon City: Size Matters-Sausage Burgers

"Does size matters?" that was the question raised by Vince Golangco, while the Blogapalooza crowd [ladies no doubt] went loud and cheered with a big YES! :)

When it comes to burgers or any specific food or consumer product - a buying public's perspectives --- is to get more than what they pay for, the value of their money. 

I was one of the lucky food-taster to try out Size Matters' sausage burger. Size Matter was a food concept by a Filipino couple. It's not the usual burger patties loaded with heavy stuff, instead the Size Matters introduced sausage burgers made up of pork  sausages served with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise in an oat bun.

We tried out Hungarian sausage burger, it's quiet big for my serving, that's my initial inkling. Certainly I finished off the whole burger, perhaps because for one the oat bun was agreeably squishy and moist, and as long as it has green vege's it was so far okay. Although the burgers were prepared beforehand with everything on it, my personal choice would have been without the mayo dressing or perhaps a little chili sauce to spice up the burger, that's just me [and I'm not a picky eater either, whatever is served as long as it is clean and fresh, munch it!]. 

Sausage Burgers variants were: 
  • Hungarian
  • Italian Garlic
  • Breakfast
On any variants, a 1/4 lb patty cost PhP125 while a 1/2 lb. patty cost PhP199.
Sausage Footlong are also available, they are categorized in the Sausage Fest. One of these days, let's try out the Gourmet Burgers [sounds fascinating, aye!] 
Gourmet Burgers:

  • The B.I.B. [Breakfast in Bed] is made up of Breakfast sausage patty with mayo, bacon and fried egg, topped with American cheddar cheese and farm fresh lettuce, onions, tomatoes in an English muffin bun. Cost: 1/4 lb = PhP189; 1/2 lb. = PhP245.
  • The I.B.J. [Italian Burger Job] has an Italian Garlic sausage with mayo, topped with caramelized onions, farm fresh lettuce & Monterey Jack cheese in an oat bun. Cost: 1/4 lb = PhP179; 1/2 lb. = PhP235.
  • The D.P. BLT [Double Patty ] includes Bacon and Mozzarella cheese sandwiched between two Hungarian Sausage patties with mayo, topped with farm fresh lettuce and tomatoes in an oat bun. Cost: 1/2 lb. = PhP245.
Apart from that, you can customized your burger through Size Matters wide array of Add-ons: egg, bacon, caramelized onions, english muffin upgrade, american cheese, monterey jack, mozzarella. For beer drinkers they have imported beers to match your sausages guys! :)

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By the way, at the end of the presentation, the wife was cornered by Vince and gets to verified an intriguing question - "Does size really matters?" And the wife goes, "more than satisfied!" :)
Size Matters
3/F #186 Tomas Morato corner
Scout De Guia, Quezon City
Manila, Philippines
[t] 413.8715 for bulk orders/pick-ups and cookout parties
Delivery Hotline: 212.1212 

Store Hours: 
Sunday to Thursday - 11:00a.m. to 11:00p.m.
Friday and Saturday - 11:00a.m. to 1:00a.m.