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Kristina's Inutak Premium Local Delicacy

Premium Rice Cake Delicacy INUTAK by Kristina's of Taguig

Mercato Centrale

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From a far corner of Mercato Centrale, I came across a foodie name that enticed my interest from the term "inutak" [may contain brainy ingredients from a certain exotic (?) animal] I was thinking of a "pulutan" [beer-matched] food stuff to be able to come up with Inutak recipe. I was so wrong, Inutak was a kind of rice cakes originated from Taguig. Not the ox-brain related foodie I was hoping for. :)

Inutak is a famous delicacy that took its roots from the kitchens of Taguig. It was and still a staple household treat the women of Taguig lovingly prepare for the family.

Made from basic ground sticky rice [malagkit rice] with a hefty infusion of "gata" [coconut cream], the inutak is slowly baked with charcoal fire and best eaten while hot. I noticed the color is almost like that of the famous "sapin-sapin" [another type of rice cakes] - the white and purple colors. The strong flavor of coconut milk makes the rice cakes very creamy.
It's texture was creamy-melty delicacy with ice cream ala mode style, or for those more adventurous, the inutak is available in assorted flavors like the original, cheese  and keso de bola [in time for the holiday season]. In old tradition, inutak is lovely on its own. Best with salabat, hot chocolate or coffee. 
"A must-eat delicacy"
For orders:
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