Valentine Gifts: Sweets Not Just Chocolates

Sweets to Ponder
Not Just On Valentine's

Almost 80% of people I encountered loves chocolates! As we grow fonder with chocolates, they say we begin to shift gears to darker chocolates, knowing the healthy benefits of dark coco's. But as soon as packs of chocolates reaches your sight [or rather my sense of sight]weeping milk choco, white choco or dark choco and so be it, no amount of hesitation, I grabbed and kept those chocolates in no time! :)

So they call it Valentines [this February 14, 2012], I say its just Tuesday. Noticed the scaling of  chocolates sales every hearty seasons? I wonder every suitor(s) I, we, you --- have  tends to splurged on chocolates, there's Ferrero's, Hershey's big kisses, Cadburys, Ritz, Toblerones and gourmet chocolates. But the last brand I remember I kept on requesting enchantingly was Leonidas, a Belgian chocolate sold by the grams. :)

If I were on a boy's shoes, I rather give something out of the box. Not just chocolates, regardless of the brands, I'll try to keep it colorful and extravagant in such a way --- little of everything will be served. Any suggestions?

My chocolate and sweet cabinets in random order, check them out:
Willy Wonka Bottle Caps, who could forget the rootbeer and cola flavor, I'd ran over kids just to have those!
Mariani sun-ripened mixed fruits: contains California pitted dried plums, tender Mediterranean apricots, sweet Elberta peaches, Bartlett pears, sliced apple rings, and tangy California-style apricots.

What's good about it? No added sugar, gluten-free and a good source of dietary fiber and antioxidant Vitamin A.
Reese's peanut butter cups
was my all-time comfort food :)
Hershey's milk choco with almonds
Truffettes de France
Exquisite truffles rolled in cocoa powder for a luscious finish
Kirkland raisin covered in milk chocolate
3 Musketeers, Hershey Nuggets and Snickers....we've grown to love them ain't we?
sour skittles :)
Tree Top gummies made from natural real fruit juice:
grape, cherry, strawberry, orange, apple and mixed berry
These goodies are glute-free and fat-free
And a good source of Vitamin C
Sunbelt Gummy Bears 
naturally and artificially flavored
m & m's are classic, the're here to stay forever!

To be continued....

This valentine and the rest of year, prepare tooth fairy!


  1. Gummies! :) i think i have to drop by candy corner again :) miss these yummies! :)


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