NIJI Japanese Restaurant

Clark Pampanga 

Niji Japanese Restaurant 

Pampanga never ceases to amazed me with food authenticity. Recently bumped at Clark's food strip along Friendship Road was one of my sister's recommended Jap resto "Niji". Re-inventions of Japanese restaurants have come along way. The Japanese-Western style has been out in the market for quiet good, but for true blue Nippon stuff, we rarely find the best among the roster, unless it came directly from a Japanese-blooded entrepreneur. 
Niji Japanese Restaurant 

What did we find at Niji that evening --- was memories of our childhoods and Japanese-addictive stuff and foodies. We went there almost 9:30 pm on a weekday, the restaurant's most attractive area [best seats] were taken, we have to settle for the most comfortable spot. Guest have the option to sit on a tatami floor (traditional way of Japanese dining), in a private room with no extra charge or in the main hall where you can observe Japanese interior prominently exhibited from the walls, door slides, ceiling, and the kitchen area. The main hall was installed with flat TV, no at that time the box did not play any Nippon stuff, back then it was a Harry Potter film. 

Niji Japanese Restaurant displayed a lot of collector's item like the Japanese traditional dolls, even the wooden dolls. I mentioned childhood memories because I remember our old house with a Japanese doll sealed on a glass chamber and intricately designed wooden Japanese dolls.  Niji also have Ikebana's and lanterns surrounding the area from counters all the way to the restaurant's wash area.
Japanese dolls
 Japanese wooden dolls
Wash Area

The choices of food served:

Kani salad is always a good start in every Nippon meal, Niji's version has strips of topped Nori. The house appetizer, a potato salad was served individually together with a pre-packed moist towel. 

When ordering, don't play it safe and end up with ordinary Japanese meal, take time to ask the house bestsellers and let them explain the menu's extensive offers.

Kani Salad
Miso soup
Niji's miso soup are loaded with herbs, nori and tofu, it was flavorful compared to other commercial Japanese place in Manila. 
Seafood Ramen 
The seafood ramen is quiet a thriller, I challenged a person who can finish this in one seating.  Niji don't save up on ingredients! Maybe because were in a province, where vegetables are abundant and cheaper. 
Yaki Soba
An order of Yaki Soba is good for 3 persons, the veges outnumbered the weight of the noodles, different in a way because we are used to yaki soba full of noodles to the extend we end up looking for the seafood, meat and vegetables.
Salmon Sashimi
Salmon sashimi has equally big chunks compare to Sumo Sam's whom we frequently visit and keep on noticing the pink salmon sometimes are served in lesser amount compare to other visits we had, we had to call out a double orders to make comparison on each servings and remind them why they have un-even slices of sashimi, don't they follow weight measurements or something?
Salmon Teriyaki
Mango Juice and house-blend Ice Tea
The Edmame is a steamed beans eaten to sort out and balance your food intakes in terms of strong taste. Salmon Teriyaki sounds too heavy to take, but for you to be able to appreciate the salmon - it's best with steamed rice topped with Teriyaki sauce. The beverages: ice tea and mango juice, appeal natural and concentrated. The ice cream sums up the dining pleasure, to ease up the wasabi warrior in us! =)

The food bill for the night cost us PhP 1,600 [approx. USS 37.50] including service charges. Thumbs up for the quality and price tags! For us, it looks and taste authentic Japanese, you'll forget the common (fastfood) Jap resto. The sad part you have to travel at least 2 hours to get in Pampanga proper. 
Trio Ice Cream
Niji is open until 11:00 pm with more than enough parking spaces. The exterior may look plain and simple, Japanese early designs are mostly considered minimalist. We highly recommend the place when your in Friendship Road. 
Niji Japanese Restaurant
Don Juico Avenue
Friendship, Angeles City, Pampanga
[t] (045) 893-1737

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  1. The place looks nice! Too bad it is far from our place.. :(

    1. indeed, the food even better... We hopped in Pampanga once in a while. Don't forget to drop by this place when you're along Clark.


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