Quezon City: Restaurant 9501

Restaurant 9501 

ABS-CBN Compound

Choices of restaurants and cafes along the ABS-CBN compound is quiet numerous, food businesses sprouted in every busy corner  to cater to all markets.

Recently I get invited to an ABS-CBN media launch held at Restaurant 9501 located at the 14th floor of ELJ building. The restaurant looks and feels savvy, private place to spent your dining pleasure. If you're familiar with Chef Myrna Segismundo, she headed the culinary moods of Restaurant 9501. They caters to the corporate diners and executives of ABS-CBN, the approach they made is to change the menu from time to time since their frequent guests were network-based employees.
Restaurant 9501

The prepared dishes at the time we were there was a mixed of: angel-hair herbed-pasta, sauce-based beef with red wine, chicken and lapu-lapu fillet. Soup, green salads, fresh slices of fruits (watermelon, mangoes and pineapple) and coffee-flavored almond jelly. The media launch made me busy and I intentionally did not take photos of the foodies to brag about. In general, the dishes served that time were not something to immortalized Restaurant 9501, honestly the food were okay but nothing special to roar about. Maybe it was just me being a picky eater and thinking of panizza and spicy pink salmon instead. ;)
Green Salad
Restaurant 9501
I don't have any idea how much would I spent if I decided to bring the family around or if private groups are allowed to make reservations, but one thing for sure - everyone will enjoy the ambiance and the view from the glass-walled 14th floor setting. Since it's the network's resident foodie joint, you might come across with a bunch of personalities or what the "masa" often called "ta-artits" (artists) spending a hearty meal. I don't have thing for celebrities, Foodamn aimed for food to damn for! :)

Restaurant 9501 
14th floor ELJ Building
ABS-CBN Compound
Mother Ignacia, Quezon City Philippines

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  1. there are a lot of good restaurant near abs-cbn, like
    there is yoogane at Il terrazzo Bldg.

    1. Indeed, particularly in Timog and Morato area. Foodamn PH hails from Queozon City and there are a handful of restaurants to try out. Thanks for sharing Joy.


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