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Foodamn's Trial and Error 

With McDelivery Online

Food Delivery

I have been trigger happy with food deliveries online that I actually ordered  within 5 consecutive days, exploring which food establishment or restaurant in Manila that offers Paypal methods. So far, after literally registering my information and became  a bonafide member of every online deliveries in the metro (Food To Go). I was successful with Shakey Pizza and Binalot in using Paypal payment. =)

Foodamn's McDelivery Online
Today is the fifth day, I committed a trial and error with McDonald's McDelivery Online. I wanted to find out their payment schemes beforehand. Most of the website I visited, requires registration or log-in details. But for McDelivery Online --- Order Now (No need to log in). Since I hated the religious registration, I proceed with my ala carte ordering. I clicked Big Mac, McChicken and Medium Fries and was billed PhP 293. The third section will allow you to complete the delivery information (even without registering) and finally click the button "OK, I'M DONE". And so I clicked it and was hoping it will redirect me to confirming my order and prompt me to payment method I prefer, whether cash on delivery (COD), credit card or maybe Paypal. To my surprise, the screen displays: Thank you, a customer service will contact you in a while" or something like that. I was so laughing and had  a grin face because the orders I made online was just a sort of practice to find out more and eventually will post another orders according to the family member's preference. But then again, it's McDonald's system.  Whenever I post online or by-phone delivery, they usually post a return call to confirm everything from complete address/name and orders. This time McDelivery Online send an SMS (text) from 0917-5116236 with message:
"Good day! We received your online orders. Expect your delivery within 30 minutes after this message. Pls. acknowledge with your FULL NAME. Thank you - 8MCDO"
My response:
"Cancel order, will post another batch of orders. Thank you."

So the delivery guy arrived right on time (early on time) :)  
After a few minutes I received another text message:
"Ok po, we already cancelled the order- 8MCDO"
Again I replied with:
"It was too late, I paid it already. Thanks."
Foodamn's McDelivery Online
Only shown once...
There's nothing wrong with being fast and efficient, my only concern was with the website's misleading attempt to consumers. I rather felt I was mislead, because, I am used to confirming twice whenever online transaction involves. Today I learned a lesson from McDelivery Online: Don't be trigger happy (or trigger clicker!) LOL

Has anyone experienced the same funny story?

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