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Lugang Café

Bellagio in Quezon City Manila

Chinese Restaurant
Asian Restaurant in Manila

Lugang Café (Bellagio of Shanghai) now opens its Cantonese and Taiwanese dishes  for North Manila crowd. Located in The Block 2nd level superseding one of Foodamn Philippine's favorite dining place - Gumbo A Taste of New Orleans
Lugang Café

I read from one of our Instagram commenter when the SM North opens last week of December when he posted "pamatay daw ang quapao jan!" He must had been referring to the variety of dimsum, yes I can totally relate with the killer Xia Long Bao. If you hadn't tried Lugang Café's famous XLB, well you're missing the authentic mouth watering dimsum in town. It's now in the heart of Quezon City - no excuses comrades.
Lugang Café posh structure was remarkably an eye-catcher for every one who comes in. Bright lights from the black wooden ceiling and mirrors exudes contemporary dining experience. The glass wall reflects the movement and food displays in double effect, thus how the traditional Chinese principle of abundance. Although the overall architecture of Lugang Café swayed away from the customary look and feel of old and native Chinese restaurants, the new approach views modern influence and styling. But in terms of food, they captured the essence of quality and succulent culinary. The best thing about Lugang, its quite rare to see a restaurant with great vibes, good food at a reasonable prize. 
Lugang Café Steamed Pork Xia Long Bao dimsum
Foodamn Philippines (2 female adults and 1 child)
First stop, we had Steamed Pork Xia Long Bao dimsum (PhP228 for 8 pieces) is your ordinary looking siomai but Lugang's version has soup stock wrapped inside with the pork siomai. Use the ceramic Chinese soup spoon to sip in the stock while you finish the rest of the dimsum. No need to add more seasoning or sauce to your pork XLB, it's ready to eat and has the right blend. Truth to what others are saying, it melts in your mouth and having it feels like you're eating pork stock the shortest way possible.
Lugang Café Vietnam Egg Roll
The Vietnam Egg Roll (PhP180 for five pieces) are served with sweet tasting vinegar dip with sliced ginger. From what I've seen from inside it has layered thin vermicelli, finely chopped mushrooms and carrots, ground pork and herbs. Good even without the dip. 
Lugang Café Sate Beef with Spinach
Sate Beef with Spinach (PhP380) is made up of oyster sauce-flavored dish with strips of beef layered over spinach leaves. I have no idea what other ingredients they put into it.  ;) We teamed it up with steamed white rice. Next visit, we gotta try the Pineapple Fried Rice - it was served in ripe pineapple halves. 
Lugang Café Cantonese Mushroom Stir-Fried Noodles
Aloe Jelly in Honey Lemon Juice and Buko Lychee Milk Shake
Watermelon juice
For the toddler, we had Cantonese Mushroom Stir-Fried Noodles (Php350). 
We recommend Aloe Jelly in Honey Lemon Juice (PhP150). That night we were hoping to have the Ice Mint beverage (looks exactly like the AJHL juice) instead settle for Watermelon juice (PhP140) and Buko Lychee Milk Shake (PhP130). 

Lugang Café raved about their high-five desserts, but we're drowned with the heavy meal and tall juices. That cues for a second round! 

For reservations,  call 0915-7469693 or 709-7342.

Lugang Café
2nd Level The Block
SM North Edsa
Quezon City Philippines

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