Mindoro: Magic Fruit Tree

Mindoro: Magic Fruit Tree


A tiny fruit with so much to offer. Wonder why they call themselves magic fruit?

Magic fruit is small, red color berry said to originate from the province of Quezon. (But originally came from Africa). Locals from Batangas and Mindoro areas brought magic fruit seedlings and continues to cultivate them. The fruit itself has a small seed and thin layer of white meat similar to mangosteen or santol.

What makes it a magic fruit?
The fruit has a special properties of leaving a sweet after taste after taking or finishing a piece of magic fruit. Once done eating, take out the seed from your mouth and slice a calamansi, then extract the calamansi juice directly to your mouth. Initially anyone who bites off a calamansi will experience tangy and sour taste. But this time, the juice even the peel of calamansi taste like they were dip from sugar syrup. Amazing! How did it happened? that was the first reaction I said.

Back in Mindoro, particularly in my in-laws community. They have tried separate experiments with the magic fruit which is also sometimes referred as "miracle fruit". One had compliment it with liquors from brands like San Mig Light and Red Horse. The drink taste sweet beers indeed. ;) Older folks tried it with "ampalaya" a bitter tasting vegetable. The sweet receptor usually lasts 15-20 minutes, or may depend on an individual's taste buds and kind if food eaten, its temperature and the amount of extract that inhibits the tongue.

For those who wanted to grow from their backyards, a 3 to 4 inches tall seedlings cost about PhP3,500 (approx.US $90). Foodamn Philippines has one pot being attacked by free willy birds. The magic fruit's leaves could have been attractive to some animals that they (the stray birds) even eat the leaves.

Some says, the fruits are medicinal and can be used on chemotherapy treatment. However, there are no valid claims on this idea. But the magic fruits are now being used as sugar substitute esp. For diabetics.

If you got a unique fruits or any foodie around that is worth sharing, do leave a comment below . :)

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