Foodamn Philippines: Elar's Lechon

Foodamn Philippines : Elar's Lechon

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New Year's Eve 2013
December 31, 2013

Foodamn Philippines perception of new year's eve celebration has change dramatically since our eldest child was born December 31, 2006. In fact, it was twice the preparation, fun and excitement! 

Foodamn Philippines: Elar's Lechon
This year, Foodamn Philippines did not prepare the year-end fave dishes of the clan and friends present every year. No to-die-for beef caldereta and lumpiang shanghai as they were replaced by cholesterol load Elar's lechon. 


From most parties we've attended, the brand Elar's Lechon presence marked a name on my list to purchase. Elar's originated from Pampanga, the place known for sumptous dish. Filipinos called it "malinamnam" (delicious). 

Armed with hideous "diet" plan, we headed to get a dose of "pampabata"(choles wishdeath) and continue with the food trip the after another after another.

Everyone knows, lechon taste better the following day twisted to a new dish. Foodamn Philippines has this habit of buying liempo from Baliwag and we transformed it to Sinigang na Liempo. A recipe we've learned from my husband's office chef/canteen owner. 

On the third day, lechon paksiw is the next big thing and the remaining crispy parts meet the reliable oven toaster. Today, January 9 half- face Elar's still stays at the fridge waiting to become Warek-warek (roasted pork salad). For now we have steamed amplaya leaves, steamed camote tops and steames okra to counter January 1 food grub. I've matched it with fruit shakes ad smoothies - melon, watermelon, mango and orange.

Elar's Lechon on a Bamboo Tray (image on top) cost Php6,200 (Live Weight=20 kilos, approximate cook weight=8 kilos) good for 25-35 persons

Elarsfoods, Inc.
151 Quezon Avenue corner Speaker Perez Street, Quezon City
Look for Lorie, Mariel, Anne, Michelle, Ella, Emma

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