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Kopi Roti Katipunan branch has been our reliable spot when it comes to light snack and and on the go coffee shop. Not to mention its affordability and the famous kopi buns.

Lately, Foodamn Philippines had a food experiment round up with Manila's available food delivery. We recently had food delivered from one of Manila's emerging food delivery service provider - portal (Quick Delivery) from a Mongolian cuisine located in Ortigas area.

KOPI ROTI - How to Order Online
Kopi Roti Kopi Bun (Box of 6) PhP 300 (approx. US$ 7.5)

Kopi Roti Manila and provincial branches are now enlisted at  From the website, ordering options can be access - choose from:

  1. Order by phone
  2. Order online
  3. Text to call back
  4.  Mobile Ordering
Fooodamn Philippines had selected "order online" alternative. From the website, go through Services, How to order menu:
"Order Online
Ordering online can benefit you in the following ways:
The system remembers your orders so that if you want to order the same items again, you can easily repeat the same order. It's like having an express lane for delivery.
You can pass on your order to group of contacts or your entire office to consolidate the order. This way, everyone can order from one restaurant with one bill, without the hassle of passing around a cumbersome order form.
How to order online:
1. Click on "ORDER NOW" or Login to your account.
2. Select the time you want your order delivered.
3. Enter your City or Area.
4. Choose from the available establishments offering delivery.
5. Put menu items in your delivery cart.
6. Submit your order and we will send you confirmation via SMS, email or phone." Kopi Roti

Start by registering your contact information (for new customers).
View Menus in Manila areas, a rundown of food establishment will initially display an alphanumeric restaurants followed by alphabetically arranged restaurants.

From Kopi Roti cart, select menu items and carefully review orders for final submission.
In case, you have special instruction about the food orders, you may leave a comment on the space provided before placing the orders.

We received a call from confirming Foodamn Philippines orders and delivery address. We also suggested the nearest landmarks of our location. They timed the delivery from within 60 minutes or longer (clocked 3:44 PM). The orders I have to say, arrived (almost 6:00PM) a little late as expected, it turned out that the delivery guy went to different Capitol address and explained that his mobile phone got wet (it was raining that afternoon) and could not contact his superiors. I told him, I instructed the caller that it was near (beside) Ever Gotesco mall and St. Peter Church. Maybe the call that time was a somewhat fuzzy, that some details was ignored. The driver said he was not advised with the given landmarks and requested if he can make a land line call to address the situation. Unfortunately we don't have a land line (the reason why I chose online and mobile deliveries as my options) and that we understood and does not take against him the delays and lapses. We only want the coffee jellies and buns right then. :)

What did Foodamn Philippines had at Kopi Roti?
KOPI ROTI - How to Order Online 
We had the usual, kopi buns - box of 6. It's the house specialty. Made of soft bread with coffee flavored crust and buttery filling inside. This bun can be actually shared by two persons, we often served it sliced into 4 parts.

Kaya puff (4 pieces) -  baked pastry filled with Kopi Roti's special Kaya, topped with powdered sugar. We suggested the pastries for the kid's snack but sometimes ended up with adult's sweet tooth. :)

KOPI ROTI - How to Order Online
Kopi Roti Kaya Puff PhP100 for 4 pieces (approx. US$2.5)
What is a kaya?
"Kaya is a sweet coconut and egg jam, and this is spread over toasted bread; combined with a cup of local coffee and a half-boiled egg, this makes a typical Singaporean breakfast." -

Kopi Roti KayaToast PhP110 for two orders (approx. US$2.75)
Homemade roti kaya toast - 2 orders
Toasted bread served with Kaya spread and butter. Together with kopi bun and kaya toast, these two items served with brewed coffee will definitely rock your mornings. =)

Kopi Roti Siewmai PhP180 for three orders (approx. US$4.5)
Siewmai - 3 orders. Filipinos love something flavorful and spicy. Kopi Roti's siomai makes an equalizer from the sweets brought by the pastries.


KOPI ROTI - How to Order Online
Kopi Roti Iced Kopi Jelly PhP180 for two glasses (approx. US$4.5)

Iced kopi jelly ( 2 orders) - Kopi Roti's signature coffee drink shaken in ice mixed with chewy coffee flavored gelatin.
Kopi Roti Iced Tea Tarik PhP70 (approx. US$1.75)

Iced tea tarik - Kopi Roti referred it as milk tea with a twist, a tea of Indian origin prepared by transferring tea from one mug to another (pulling) to create froth and aroma.
Kopi Roti Iced Barley PhP70 (approx. US$1.75)

Homemade iced barley - a caffeine-free, pandan flavored refreshing drink for the health conscious.

Foodamn Philippines was billed PhP 1,111 (approx. US$28)
Food = Php1,010
Off-zone delivery charge = PhP101

Food delivery nowadays is just a click away provided you have the right access to internet and your mobile. With food selections were comprehensively assembled for consumers ease of ordering and reach.
[t] 212-1212
[m] 0918-2121212

Kopi Roti Katipunan
226 katipunan Avenue
Blue Ridge A
1109 Quezon City, Philippines

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