Foodamn PH: FOODGASM 4 Participants (March 2014)

Foodgasm 4 Participants (March 2014)


by Foodamn Philippines

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March 9, 2014 Manila, Philippines - Here's a photo blog of participants from Foodgasm 4: Craving 4 More.

Last night Foodgasm event was extra wonderful because for the first time I brought along with me my little Foodamn girl. New and old food bloggers grace the event, I wonder who their favorite choices are for Expert's Choice recipe and Most Innovative Award.

List of Food Entries for the night:

 photo foodgasm-4-foodamn-ph-09.jpg
Foodamn PH: Foodgasm 4 #Craving4More Participants
The Happy Monster
Cuptain Cakes
Cooking Ina's Kitchen
Batak Sesame Cupcake by Cuptain Cakes
Description: An intriguing flavor of Sesame that will definitely grow into you

Elvis Pie by The Happy Monster
Description: A beautiful combination of peanut butter, bananas and chocolate.

Gourmet Chocolate Rhum Balls by Cooking Ina's Kitchen
Description: A chewy, flavorful and luxuriant with some hint of the extraordinary flavors you wouldn’t expect to have in a chocolate rhum balls coated in dark chocolate.

 photo foodgasm-4-foodamn-ph-monkey-bread-09.jpg
Foodamn PH: Foodgasm 4 #Craving4More Participants
Ruby Red Kitchen
Original Cinnamon Monkey Bread and Parmesan Herb Monkey Bread by Ruby Red Kitchen
Description: Ooey, Gooey cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread.

 photo foodgasm-4-foodamn-ph-nikuniku-09.jpg
Foodamn PH: Foodgasm 4 #Craving4More Participants
Niku Niku
Niku Niku Crabstick by Niku Niku
Description: Crabstick wrapped in fishcake, deep fried to perfection

Yema filled Crinkle Sandwich by Mau's Cupcake Cafe
Description: Chocolate Crinkle Sandwich with Creamy Yema Filling

Japanese Okonomiyaki by Country Fries
Description: Japanese goodness overload bonito flakes, seaweed, spring onions and bacon drizzled with our special okonomiyaki sauce and japanese mayonnaise.

 photo foodgasm-4-foodamn-ph-10.jpg
Foodamn PH: Foodgasm 4 #Craving4More Participants
Cupcakes Couture
Oreo Whoopie Cupcakes by Chef Francesca's Cupcakes Couture
Description: It is our Original/Invented and Best Seller Cupcake in our Bake shop, It is a chocolate cake rich in creamy whipped milk frosting sprinkled with oreo crumbs and dusted with icing sugar for finishing touches it tastes like a crinkles but in a sandwiches cupcake form. The creamy whipped milk frosting is also invented by Chef Francesca.

 photo foodgasm-4-foodamn-ph-pastillas-flan-08.jpg
Foodamn PH: Foodgasm 4 #Craving4More Participants
Modern Desserts
Pastillas Flan by Modern Desserts
Description: smooth,creamy and literally melts in your mouth leche flan with the kick of pastillas flavor.

Bacon Cookies by Baking Bad
Description: What do you get when you mix a classic snack and a breakfast favorite?? Only the perfect combination of sweet and salty!!

 photo foodgasm-4-foodamn-ph-hunger-buster-cheecups-09.jpg
Foodamn PH: Foodgasm 4 #Craving4More Participants
Hunger Buster
CheeCups by TeamJohnny
Description: Cheesecake baked and served in jars.

Dying Burger by Hunger Buster
Description: A mouthwatering burger that comes with bacon, mushroom and melted cheese that will surely make you crave for more!

 photo foodgasm-4-foodamn-ph-08.jpg
Foodamn PH: Foodgasm 4 #Craving4More Participants
Buenavi Food & Beverage
Babci Kuchnia
Chorizo De Cebu Philippines
Chili Chili Bang Bang
Pescado Gourmet Tuyo by Buenavi Food & Beverage

Polish Pierogi by Babci Kuchnia
Description: Polish dumplings or their version of empanadas. I have three savoury fillings (potato onion, cheese/beef veggies and cheese / beef and sauerkraut) and one sweet filling (cheese rum raisin)

Pork Hamonado Flavored Chorizo De Cebu by Chorizo De Cebu Philippines
Description: Bite-sized Quality-Processed Sausages

Original Chili and Bite the Bullet Chili by Chili Chili Bang Bang
Description: Slow cooked Chili con Carne.

Thank you University of the Philippines' Economic Society for inviting Foodamn PH as Food Blogger-Judge of Foodgasm 4: Creaving 4 More.

Complete Foodgasm 4: Craving 4 More photos can also be viewed at Foodamn Philippines Facebook Page and Photobucket - Foodamn Philippines.

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