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Experience Merry Moo and Osaka Ohsho from Deal Grocer Vouchers

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by Foodamn Philippines
Grabbing an online discounted vouchers is not new to us, we've tried several group buying sites ranging from skin care service, massage/spa service, gadgets and accessories, gift items to accommodation but we never avail food stuff that involves half the price offer. Why not? As a parent and clever consumer we believed it's logic to say therefore quality food and fine service comes with a decent price. Not thoroughly convinced in making purchases for food-related deals. Having said that, blog reviews from food bloggers with not so good experience (from the actual dining experiences) give someone the creeps. We'd rather not try.

Merry Moo and Osaka Ohsho from Deal Grocer vouchers 
Experience Merry Moo and Osaka Ohsho from Deal Grocer Vouchers Experience Merry Moo and Osaka Ohsho from Deal Grocer Vouchers
So why did I choose Deal Grocer?

Someone from the food/lifestyle industry suggested to check out the offers from Deal Grocer, upon reviewing the pages' upright, guilt-free site and looking closely they choose vendors (merchants) with noteworthy brands and it's really up to you consumers to take the bait, go on a markdown adventure. :)

As for us the site's sassy look makes it intriguingly fascinated. This will be our first time to E-A-T from an online deal. We decided to take in two (2) brands available within our location (such a crap when the deal you bought is only redeemable in Alabang Town Center when you lived all the way from Greater Lagro!) so take note of the proximity and driving hours. 

And for our safety since I'm the decision-maker for these deals that we're having, I wanted something that can be picked-up to avoid the inconvenience of searching for the "proper" service. Instead for the initial DG trial we prefer food stuff readily available and can be eaten anywhere like scouts in the ranger.

Step-by-step procedure for Deal Grocer
  • Create your Deal Grocer account by registering your complete name and email address before you can access all the deals available. Complete name is needed to to verify your printed vouchers versus you government-issued identification (I.D.)
photo deal-grocer-blog-reviews-01.png
  • Viewing online deals are categorized by: dining, destination, hotels, getaways, beauty, experiences and deals of the week
  • Take into consideration your preferred location, they have a"Browse by location" tab above the categories.
  • Upon check-out carefully review your cart; period and process of redemption.

photo deal-grocer-blog-reviews-02.png

       Mode of payments
  • Choose from cash pick-up (P1,000 above), C/C, paypal, bank deposits, online banking and over-the-counter payment centers.
  • Print your voucher, redeem and enjoy your time fixin' that deal.

Redemption, Services (applicable to Dining vouchers)
Again, please avoid being a prima donna, restaurant staff are there to attend to your needs not to babysit. Anyway, our Osaka Ohsho voucher requires a reservation of at least two days to prepare the food items. It was an easy transaction with them, I just send a text message for my chosen date  and time of pick-up. They immediately responded with my query. Upon pick-up the staff from SM Mega Fashion Hall are courteous enough to accommodate my voucher and food orders I went there on a weekday late afternoon to avoid the busy dining hours so they can certainly assist me in a  cheerful disposition.

Second voucher was from Merry Moo also located in SM Megamall, that's what I'm saying you have to carefully managed your expenses and time. :)

Merry Moo was a bubbly place except for the staff hiding beneath the freezer, as we were approaching we thought the kiosk was close down because of the dusty table top comparable to cobwebs suggesting a Halloween feel (sorry that I have to say it, dusty place means they didn't care  for the shop like their own place.) Plus I was calling the attention of a pale-looking lady from Merry Moo, she was too busy with her smartphone, we were standing right in front of her ice creams! I had to knock at the freezer window to call her attention. "Kulang sa service" :) But then again I understand her frustrations she was all alone out there. When she held our vouchers she was flipping it upside down, she seems in doubt if it's real, "Ma'am saan po ito galing" so I said it came directly from Deal Grocer office. I counter checked and saw my name on the list of redeemable voucher she was holding. After the document signing, we went away without good byes but I say thanks to her. :) Not that I expect, so used to Jollibee's screamin' "Thank you ma'am, balik po sila!" while merrily mopping the floor, smiling at you with red cheeks on. It make sense why some blog documents register such cynical views, the impact of good service is as important to the product it offers.

Both our Deal Grocer experience and foodie adventure from Merry Moo and Osaka Ohsho in its entirety is so far satisfying. The choices of merchants' online deals are quite good, while the cost of dining deals extent from single to group orders. Scope of rate per deals starts at P500 below, P250 the lowest deal I've seen so far. Expensive meals mostly meet the needs of group diners. For hotel meals for two to three persons they charged reasonably. I say food stuff from these particular deals we avail were not compromised, it's the same thing we got if we bought it from the actual rate. An easy transaction from picking your merchant deal cravings to accessible and convenient payment system. Redeem your Deal Grocer vouchers to partner merchants by simply showing them your printed vouchers and identification card.

Deal Grocer's wide perspectives in terms of mode of payment and classy brands make it highly recommendable for others to try. There are no low-downs for this group-buying site as of the moment only occasional messy service from minor merchants, you can always adjust with the situation. 


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  1. Hi Daryll,

    Thank you for sharing this information and I would like to apologise for your experience in our store.

    I'd like to get more details about your experience to though we've directly spoken to our sales team in this branch and aim improve our service.

    Kindly let us know how I can get in touch with you. You can also send us an email via

    Thank you again for your time.

    Merry Moo


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