Foodgasm Goes to Magihawa at Maginhawa Food Festival 2015

Foodgasm Goes to Magihawa at Maginhawa Food Festival 2015

by Foodamn Philippines


Winners from #Foodgasm2015

Top 10 Food Entries from Foodgasm 2015

Instagram photos of Food Participants from Foodgasm 2015

Despite the severe rains and power interruptions brought about by super typhoon Lando (Koppu), Maginhawa Street was all prepped up to celebrate Teacher's Village East's 40th anniversary last October 17, 2015. This year the community made partnership with the students from UP Economic Society (UP EcoSoc). Food tasting for the public and for the guest judges, food bloggers and chef started at 12noon.

 photo foodgasm-2015-maginhawa-food-festival-foodamn-ph-01.jpg photo foodgasm-2015-maginhawa-food-festival-foodamn-ph-26.jpg  
Top 10 Food Entries from Foodgasm 2015 (in random order):

Griddle - Honey Bagoong Wings
 photo foodgasm-2015-maginhawa-food-festival-foodamn-ph-29.jpg Deep-fried chicken wing dipped in honey with spicy bagoong, this is my Expert's Choice award. Take into consideration the sampler size, taste, and quality compare to other presenters. I'll make one at home using the same technique. Thank you Griddle!

Bugle Boy - Roar fruit punch
 photo foodgasm-2015-maginhawa-food-festival-foodamn-ph-22.jpg The next Gatorade-like to hit the market, its non-GMO and has no preservatives. They'll be competing soon in terms of price and availability.

Egg-It Asian StreetFood - Yakitori
 photo foodgasm-2015-maginhawa-food-festival-foodamn-ph-21.jpg Love the bar-be-qued pork belly with a Japanese twist. 

The Fahrenheit - Silly Chocolate Cupcake
 photo foodgasm-2015-maginhawa-food-festival-foodamn-ph-30.jpg Unique tasting cupcake sampler, the chocolate sweet and spicy chili made an instant hit (while) kids can have it as well.

Only the Best Cafe - Philadelphia Sandwich (Magiting Yum yum Sandwich)
 photo foodgasm-2015-maginhawa-food-festival-foodamn-ph-14.jpg Magiting sandwich sampler was served with fresh/crunchy veggie, fries, special sauce and real beef. I gave this a star compare to the other entry in colored buns.

Brazo - Iberian Chicken
 photo foodgasm-2015-maginhawa-food-festival-foodamn-ph-05.jpg
Another chicken dish with unique flavorful taste, I like that they put alfalfa on it.

Don Day - Chicken Topokki
 photo foodgasm-2015-maginhawa-food-festival-foodamn-ph-02.jpg
If you're into Korean dish, the topokki is like a Filipino ricecake they made it into a Kimchi style. Not too spicy but addicting, can be eaten as meal or light snack. So good!

Dorissimo Cakes - Brazo Brown
 photo foodgasm-2015-maginhawa-food-festival-foodamn-ph-07.jpg
 It's a Brazo de Mercedez for health buffs, can be serve to diabetics. 

Bagnet Rice Patong - Double Bagnet
 photo foodgasm-2015-maginhawa-food-festival-foodamn-ph-08.jpg My first time to have Bagnet  and Ilocos Longganisa combined with chopped crunch of string beans. Really good dish, I vote for Most Innovative award. :)

Mister Miswa - Mister Miswa
MM's entry was a hit to my kid companion, kase nga it was cold and raining! Sipping the warm miswa was a relief!  I thought she'll never like it coz miswa is often associated with Chinese dish and old people who like warm soups. Plus after tasting numerous cupcake entries, the miswa seems to wash all the sugary itch from your throat! :) They deserve a star too.

Food Participants that Needs Room for Improvement
Least points we've given to the foodies below. Posting such reviews to improve their entry dish the next time they dive into another competition.

Maniego's Plate - FishStix
 photo foodgasm-2015-maginhawa-food-festival-foodamn-ph-010.jpg Excessive dredged in flour and crumbs, the fish fillet taste lost its flavor. I haven't seen any hoisin sauce when it was served to the public. Serve as tiny balls not as fish sticks without the mentioned 3 kinds of herbs seasoning. "As in sobrang tabang and ma-arina."

Food Clinique - Mac n Cheese Pops
Wasn't that crunchy anymore because they prepared it an hour before (?) They've overcooked the macaroni. Creamy inside yet it needs a little seasoning.

Food Vine - Pork Loin Ribs and Meaty Carbonara
 photo foodgasm-2015-maginhawa-food-festival-foodamn-ph-11.jpg Pork Loin is so "kunat/tigas" and burned while the meaty carbonara feels like "lasang lupa" perhaps they put too much pesto in it (?)

Lolo Seseng - Puto Cake
 photo foodgasm-2015-maginhawa-food-festival-foodamn-ph-12.jpg
 Nothing extravagant with this puto cake, in fact "wala rin lasa"

Mandi Persian Grill - Beef Kabab
Sorry to say but this rice beef kebab sampler taste "nearness na" - medyo maasim na (spoiled).

Crazy Chef - Lechon Bagnet
 photo foodgasm-2015-maginhawa-food-festival-foodamn-ph-06.jpgAgain another one to say sorry to but really the sampler they gave (maybe the batch we had) taste "bulok/sira na" other judges/bloggers mentioned the same impression, truth is I spit it out. We were supposed to buy the Laing Bagnet as pasalubong because it looks crunchy and mouthwatering but was disappointed with the experience.

* Sorry for the sensitive remarks but we need to be honest with what info we share. This judgement reflects my personal encounter and does not express the opinions of others. Surprisingly some of these guys won special awards, I have no idea how they categorize and tally the votes. From the previous Foodgasm events there's a tick box for People's Choice award, Expert's Choice award and Most Innovative award apart from the 1-5 point system where they obtain the Champion. This year the tick box were not included only the point system.

Winners from #Foodgasm2015

 photo foodgasm-2015-maginhawa-food-festival-foodamn-ph-04_1.jpg
Set A: Hangovurger by Big B
Set B: Blueberry Cheesecake by Chewy Treats by Claire

Set A: Double Bagnet by Bagnet Rice Patong
Set B: Beef Kebab by Mandi Persian Grill

Set A: Silly Chocolate Cupcake by The Fahrenheit
Set B: Lechon Bagnet by CrazyChef

Set A: Hangovurger by Big B
Set B: Blueberry Cheesecake by Chewy Treats by Claire

Instagram photos of Food Participants from Foodgasm 2015
 photo foodgasm-2015-maginhawa-food-festival-foodamn-ph-03.jpg
Decorative Cakes by Empire Cakes

 photo foodgasm-2015-maginhawa-food-festival-foodamn-ph-28.jpg 
Yema cupcakes by FAT Cupcakes
 photo foodgasm-2015-maginhawa-food-festival-foodamn-ph-27.jpg  photo foodgasm-2015-maginhawa-food-festival-foodamn-ph-24.jpg 
Cucumber Lemonade by Egg-It Asian Street Food
 photo foodgasm-2015-maginhawa-food-festival-foodamn-ph-25.jpg
Cheesecake in a Jarby Chewy Treats by Claire
 photo foodgasm-2015-maginhawa-food-festival-foodamn-ph-19.jpg
Treasure Burger samplers by Meal Point
 photo foodgasm-2015-maginhawa-food-festival-foodamn-ph-18.jpg
Sausages by Chef's Hub

 photo foodgasm-2015-maginhawa-food-festival-foodamn-ph-15.jpg
TeriFlaks by TeriTopps

 photo foodgasm-2015-maginhawa-food-festival-foodamn-ph-13.jpg 
Cheddar Balls 

Congratulations for a successful foodie event UP EcoSoc!
 photo foodgasm-2015-maginhawa-food-festival-foodamn-ph-17.jpg

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With a hint of Filipino exotic food and truly Filipino foods made for your visual appetites. Originally created by Green Dei of Foodamn Philippines and Green Dei Media PH.

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With a hint of Filipino exotic food and truly Filipino foods made for your visual appetites. Originally created by Green Dei of Foodamn Philippines and Green Dei Media PH.

Disclosure: This article is being published in partnership with Foodgasm and UP Economics Society (UP-EcoSoc). Foodamn Philippines is one of the food blogger-judge for Foodgasm Goes to Maginhawa.


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