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How to enjoy the Jinro Chamisul soju with Filipino pulutan

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Filipinos' penchant for merrymaking makes the Korean brand Jinro Chamisul Soju close to our cheerful appetite. From after work hang-out to parties and events, soju and any type of bar snacks, suits the day! Pulutan are dishes, appetizers, or finger food in small servings to go with any alcoholic drink. It’s been part of Filipino culture, likewise in every drinking session, whether we celebrate at homes or in public places. In the past 15 years (correct us if we are wrong), Filipinos have learned to embrace drinking soju. What makes the Korean sojupatok sa masa” is its ability to influence the young market – their buying factor and loyalty to the brand. Thus, some of the older generation’s curiosity as well made them switch to alternative drinks. 

flavored soju
My top 3 choices: green grape, fresh and grapefruit 

Top 3 soju flavors 

Green grape. With its fruity flavor, the green grape taste likely in between peach and grape fruit. The light and moderate sweet zest harmonizes well with alcohol bitterness. It’s safe to say, that this refreshing drink suits just about anyone. 

Grapefruit. This drink is for those who appreciate the classic, original soju. Owing to the not too sweet nature of the grapefruit. It’s a great alternative when you run out of original soju and still manage to have that strong alcohol kick. 

Fresh. Fresh does not belong in the flavored soju class, but this flavorless classic is exceedingly versatile. With Fresh’ strong kick, you can effortlessly create different cocktail recipes to give you a customized thirst-quenching soju experience. Previously, we’ve paired the fresh bottle with Yakult, Dutch Mill yoghurt drink, and also with Melona ice cream sticks, and get to experience creamy fruity delight, at the same time pulling off that alcohol fixation. 

You can almost mix and match all the Jinro soju and come up with a unique blend. Both the flavored and non-flavored soju variants can be paired with your cocktail recipe. With a smooth taste, clear and neutral spirit compared to vodka, your soju is best served chilled and with mouthwatering pulutan. Jinro soju are available in the grocers and stores. Price of soju starts at PhP 118 to 120. Their flagship stores in Lazada and Shopee, the SRP starts at PhP 134. They also have bundle packages of 4 at PhP 439 and have your booze delivered to your place conveniently. 

To achieve a remarkable soju drinking episode, make sure to pair it with your choice of pulutan. And remember, drink responsibly.

How to enjoy your soju the Filipino style? 

Of course, watching KDrama and the influence of KPop, widens the gloabal reach of Korean culture and cuisine. As seen in the drama series, Drinking Solo (2016), it imparts what to drink after a long day from the workplace and school. Prompting what to have with their drinks, the drama depicts pairing their alcoholic beverages with seafood, wine with cheese platters or grilled meats. To top it all off, the characters drink in chic and grace, demonstrating that drinking is about enjoying the booze, both alone and in groups. 
“They drink over grills and sip over dinner. Froth and bubbles and foam are filmed beautifully and tantalizingly. And amazingly enough, not every drinking scene is full of raging drunks and all the unsavory things that go along with them. Rather, much of the drinking is about the enjoyment of it.” – (Raine0211, 2017) 
Most often, the majority of the Korean shows depict the drinking soju with samgyeopsal. It has been the case of Korea tourism to promote the food to other countries. The strategy turns out well that it cultivates cultural adaptation; hence, our drinking lifestyle has leaped into a new generation of drinkers. 

In the Philippines, we have the Korea’s version of the grilled pork belly, the “liempo” often times can be cooked in as fried or grilled, with Filipino distinct sauces or jive with flavors according to what regions in the Philippines.

Jinro Chamisul Soju and Filipino Pulutan 

At home, from the available resources we have, we paired the Korean vodka with pizza, also with “Miki-Bihon Pancit” and of course with any grilled meat such as pork belly or chicken inasal

drink soju
Soju are best with our home-cooked Beef Pares recipe 

This time, we prepared Beef Pares, the aroma is somewhat close to what we had a couple of times in Hong Kong. Drinking soju with pulutan or any other food trip just like our journeys in our favorite Pares House, unfailingly reminisces past episodes of our lives. It is a sad note, though, that the nearby Pare-Pares joint has permanently closed its operations this year after three decades of serving good food (not even the Retiro Pares can duplicate). The joint was so famous then, that even famous public figures came by for al fresco dining. This is the story behind why we pulled off a home-cooked beef pares, and paired it with our favorite soju cocktail. Cheers to good food and nice drinks! 

price of soju
Most convenient way to enjoy your soju with easy to prepare “what’s in your pantry” style

If you are at home donning Work-From-Home set-up just like us, there are days we don’t have spare time to prepare home meals, and yes, you wanted a convenient way to enjoy your soju. Try canned goods - canned tunas are great when spiced up with garlic, onion, spring onion, pepper, and chili. Spicy Buttered Garlic Mushroom is also easy to prepare. Or you may opt to get that genuine Korean feel with spicy fried noodles. 

korean soju
Capture the Korean style with spicy noodles and a shot of soju  

Drink responsibly and enjoy your alcohol. Don’t drink with an empty stomach. A “manginginom” (frequent drinker) knows the bad implication when you drink without eating anything. Filipinos call it as “sapin” (having a full stomach). They do it so as to protect your digestion, and not to get drunk easily. Also, it is always good to have a glass of water in between. 

Drink only in appropriate settings. Assess your alcohol intake by knowing your limits, and pace yourself. Plan your journey home. Finally, don’t drink and drive. 

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