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What to try at Kofi Brew Philippines Coffee

Manila, 2022. - First things first, coffee.
Despite the hurdles the pandemic brought upon us, Filipinos will rather stay resilient and find ways to survive.  Because the most important thing is not to give up. The industry restrictions aren't going away anytime soon. 

What to try at Kofi Brew Philippines Coffee
Kofi Brew PH coffee blends

To make a living, small businesses in the country need to innovate and offer new products/services to the market. After almost two years of home confinement (where it feels like, it was more than that), people have been itching to breathe and go out. But the reality is hard to swallow, we remain still and in constant need to guard ourselves even when there are vaccine solutions. COVID-19 variants are not just a seasonal flu, merely popping up as another form and how they are frenzied on splitting a new variant. On the flip side, despite limiting ourselves to our bubble, we find ourselves a comfortable place to enjoy our drinks, of course with coffee. In the fourth quarter of 2020, Kofi Brew Philippines Coffee  launched their single origin coffee line alongside their in-house specialty blend. A bolder move for the brand, the Cubao-based cafe offers its blends online through store and social media platforms. 

"Kofi Brew offers a selection of Philippine single origin coffee and specially blended coffee beans. We have a direct partnership with the Filipino coffee farmers and are committed to fair trade," as mentioned by Mr. Jeff Galvez, owner, Kofi Brew Philippines Coffee.   

Increasing popularity of traceability coffee

The cafe supports farmers from different regions. Single origin coffee beans in the Philippines are still young but continue to grow. Specialty coffees have big potential, in fact more consumers are into specialty coffee, likewise these coffee lovers are into supporting small local farmers. 

Flat white from Kofi Brew PH
Flat white coffee

Single origin coffee connotes a taste of place - sourced from one single producer, influenced by its source and growing conditions such as the far flung location/elevation, the farm, land, people, the climate, selection of varietals or cultivars, stages of growth, the type of soil, produced on a specific period, and the detailed processing method. 

"Farmers from Atok Arabica Coffee Growers Marketing Cooperative (ACOGMAC) in Atok, Benguet said they keep the coffee farm under their watchful eye from the first day of cultivation to the processing of the ripe Arabica 'cherries.' The whole process takes nine to ten months ... They also preserved as much as natural sugar content in each bean as possible by not rinsing the, before milling. The drying of the dehulled beans then take place on sterile beds away from the farm, keeping these beans free of microbes and pets." (UP ISSI. 2020)

"In a coffee movement that's fascinated by increased transparency and innovative methods, it's no surprise that single origins are proving popular. " (Schrock. 2015)

The industry is now prepared to set aside conventional methods, and are now looking forward to reinventing the coffee experience for the 21st Century.

"Educated consumers that I have encountered are looking for guidance: help interpreting and communicating the complex tastes and sensations that they experience from good coffees. Most consumers are not educated and have no interest in becoming educated, but can be subtly guided to better quality coffees. The accompanying information a roaster or retailer provides is extremely helpful ..." explained by Andrew Hetzel, CafeMakers Coffee Consultants.

Mt. Apo coffee blends from Kofi Brew PH
Mt. Apo blends is #DavaoCoffee 

A single origin coffee has an unaltered flavor profile with bolder, exotic taste. Kofi Brew coffee blends are combinations of two or more single origin coffee beans that complement each other. 

Dubbed as 3rd wave coffee roasters, the cafe offers Specialty Arabica coffee beans direct from Atok, Benguet; Mt. Apo, Davao del Sur; and Sagada, Mountain Province. 

For espresso and brewed coffee lovers, they have Fine Robusta coffee beans from Bukidon by Cora Imdalsa, Ilocos Sur by Marielle Gannad, and kalinga by Jac's Farm.

Kofi Brew Philippines Coffee Specialty coffee blends must haves:
Kadaklan Anianihan, a Robusta Blend; Alindaiyu Wigan, an Arabica Blend; and Tagumbanwa Taragomi, an Espresso Blend. 

To guarantee freshness, these coffee beans are roasted upon order. 
For online orders, visit Kofi Brew website at

Or you can course your order through:

Kofi Brew Philippines Coffee
The Tony Galvez Centrum 
124 9th Avenue, Cubao 1109, Quezon City

Schrock, T. (2015, September 14). Everything You Need to Know About Single Origin Coffees. Perfect Daily Grind.

University of the Philippines Institute for the Small-Scale Industries. (2020, September 2). Showcasing local MSMEs: Atokape, the sweetest Arabica Coffee in the Philippines from Benguet.

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