San Juan City Food Crawl

What to eat at N. Domingo Street in San Juan City

San Juan City Food Crawl Features: Aling Banang's, Tita Lulu's, and Golden Chicken House and Chinese Food Center

This is a Walk with Chan food crawl. All images and opinions are mine.

What to eat at N. Domingo Street in San Juan City
What to eat at S. Domingo Street in San Juan City

Agora Complex, San Juan City. September 2022. It was  a rainy Saturday  morning when our group converged in Agora complex along N. Domingo Street in San Juan City. Aling Banang's, our first stop, is located right in front of Agora market and just beside the San Juan fire station. At the back is a public elementary school where small food stalls are paralleled with one another. 

Aling Banang or Aling Banang's. What makes this small stall unique is the heirloom recipe left by Aling Banang. This carinderia-style outlet of Aling Banang actually started in the 1930's. I imagined right away that this panciteria outlet had to withstand WWII and despite the food competition among panciterias, this brand chose to remain in this humble spot in San Juan City. Moreover, Aling Banang already has other branches within Metro Manila and at online food delivery via Food Panda. But the San Juan branch is something we look forward to. 

Aling Banang's Miki-Bihon with Lechon Kawali
Aling Banang's Miki-Bihon with Lechon Kawali toppings [PhP550 good for 7 servings]

With the fine presentation and tempting taste of lechon kawali over the noodles, Aling Banang's pancit sa bilao is great for take-out orders. This size is good for 7-8 persons. They have solo serves and other package sizes. All sorts of pancit noodle recipes are available. 

Aling Banang's Pancit Palabok
Aling Banang's Pancit Palabok [PhP85]

Another dish we had was the Pancit Palabok, more like Pancit Luglog with lechon kawali bits as toppings. For dessert, we get to taste the ice cream with pastillas.

Aling Banang's Ice Cream with Pastillas
Aling Banang's Ice Cream with Pastillas [in the house]

Tita Lulu's Special Palabok. According to Rence Chan of Walk with Chan, Tita Lulu's is not as old as Aling Banang's but the time when we had the Pancit Palabok also topped with lechon kawali and with hard-boiled egg and "dinikdik" na chicharon. This became the group's favorite in an instant. 

Tita Lulu's Palabok [PhP330]
Tita Lulu's Palabok [PhP330 for 4 servings]

In between Aling Banang's and Tita Lulu's, there stood Benson's Special Barbeque

Golden Chicken House and Chinese Food Center. Originally known as the Holy Chicken, the restaurant was established in 1983. Today it is being managed by Jerwin Guan, the son of the owner. They rebranded the restaurant, but the heirloom recipes remains on the menu. 

Golden Chicken House Pineapple Honey Fried Chicken
Golden Chicken House Pineapple Honey Fried Chicken [PhP410 whole/PhP 210/half]

Golden Chicken House Buttered Fried Chicken
Golden Chicken House Buttered Fried Chicken [PhP410 whole/PhP 210/half]

Golden Chicken is famous for their house specialties; the most iconic were the Pineapple Honey Fried Chicken and the Fried Buttered Chicken with its special house blend sauce. You know you're eating Chinese chicken when it looks the same way when they hang the peking duck in the display area of the kitchen. The dip has the distinct taste of herbs usually found in Chinese-style cooking. The fried chicken was well-marinated and didn't have the "maanta" after  taste. Both flavors are worth your money. How I wish they had a QC branch near us to alternate the usual fast-food chicken take-out we ordered, which seems to continue its increased price/shrinking size more often. The most likely "lasa" I can compare the Golden Chicken dishes to are the original branch of Savory. But then again, to compare both is pretty subjective. For one, Savory branches are now in the mall, so there's a bit of a price difference when restaurants are way too commercialized.

For starters, Hot and Sour soup is simply amazing that they are perfectly "timplado." You gotta try the lumpia shanghai rolls too. This could be the most "siksik" lumpia we had, aside of course when we do our home-cooked version. For diners like us, "hindi sya tinipid".

Golden Chicken House Hot and Sour Soup
Golden Chicken House Hot and Sour Soup [PhP130];
the brown sauce is the Pineapple Honey chicken sauce;
the red sauce if for the Shanghai Roll

Other must have dishes on your list are the oyster omelette and crab omelette, but I like the former better maybe because of the "kunat" texture of the oyster.  We also indulge with different dishes such as the spicy button beef mushroom, pork asado and their selection of fried rice specially the crab fried rice! This Chinese restaurant serves freshly cooked dishes and also accepts packed lunch meals and food orders for parties. You can never go wrong, they are affordable and deliciously great. 

Golden Chicken House Oyster Omelette
Golden Chicken House Oyster Omelette [PhP148]

Chinese restaurant will not be the same without the birthday noodle! The Golden Chicken House cooked their noodle dish according to customer preference. Jerwin explains, "it depends when the child don't want certain ingredients on it and what type of noodles they like." But in typical occasions the special birthday noodle is served with your choice of  either misua (wheat vermicelli) or canton. 

Golden Chicken House Special Chamisua Birthday Noodle
Golden Chicken House Super Special Chamisua/Canton Birthday Noodle [Php20]

The  birthday noodle and other special pancit sa bilao are available in party sizes. Enjoy the original recipes from seafoods, pork, beef, chicken, soups, vegetable and meal toppings. Part of the proceeds  from the restaurant goes to Golden Fire and Rescue Volunteer Unit, Inc. to sustain the community it helped. 

Doc Jerwin Guan is a licensed veterinarian; part of his retainers are allocated for the restaurant's operations, more specifically when the challenges of the pandemic affect the business. At the same time, he manages his advocacy group, the Golden Fire and Rescue Volunteers. Guan mentioned when his family business had an encounter with a fire incident when  the nearby establishments were raged by fire. Volunteer groups were able to respond quickly as possible to stop the spread of fire, saving their property from further damage. This was the time he recognized the importance of fire brigade volunteers. Eventually he founded the Golden Fire and Rescue volunteer group. He started off with one truck with a call sign, Golden Tanker. Today, Doc Jerwin continues to support his family restaurant, his crew, and his volunteers by providing them jobs and shelters despite the pandemic turmoil. He thanks his friends who ventured with the Golden Chicken House to continue its operation. 

Our group toured at the fire station and met his team - the volunteer firemen and the customized truck. We saw the "Golden Pumper", one of the fire truck's call signs. Golden Pumper is a Toyota Land Cruiser customized into a fire truck. Take a quick tour at their fire station on TikTok. 

Golden Fire and Rescue Volunteer Unit
 Golden Fire and Rescue Volunteer Unit with the Jerwin Guan, volunteer firemen, and Vance Madrid of Purple Plum Fairy

Kids can visit the station to meet the captain and the trucks. As part of the public outreach, Jerwin encourages the enthusiastic young ones to explore the station and experience being a firefighter for a day with the firefighting suit on and get time for a ride. Nonetheless, visitors will have to wait if the situation calls for an emergency.

Visit the headquarters of Golden Fire and Rescue Volunteer Unit, Inc. in 199 N. Domingo St., San Juan City. For FIRE EMERGENCY Call: 8522-2222.

San Juan City Food Crawl bloggers, vloggers, and restaurant owners
San Juan City Food Crawl bloggers, vloggers, and restaurant owners.


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@dsp.mnl #FoodCrawl at Golden Chicken House & Chinese Food Center (est. 1983) in N. Domingo, San Juan City. Must haves: πŸ— Pineapple honey fried chicken πŸ— Fried buttered chicken 🍽 Chamisua πŸ₯£ Hot & Sour soup πŸ₯£ Nido soup 🍽 Crab rice 🍽 Oyster omelette 🍽 Crab omelette 🍽 Shanghai 🍽 Beef button mushroom 🍽 Pork asado #SanJuanCityFoodCrawl #SanJuanCityFoodies #NDomingoFoodies #WalkWithChan #GoldenChickenHouse #foodamnphilippinespancit #foodamnphilippinesgoestosanjuan #sanjuanfoodtrip #whattoeatinsanjuan #foodamnph #foodamnphilippines #foodamn #foodamnphilippinesrecommends #foodamnphilippinesfoodreviews ♬ Street Food Funk - Full - FrequentlyAskedMusic

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