What to eat at Ramon Lee Panciteria

Ramon Lee Panciteria in Binondo, Manila

What to eat at Ramon Lee Panciteria
What to eat at Ramon Lee Panciteria

November 16, 2022. Sta. Cruz, Manila - The 93 year-old Filipino-Chinese fried chicken restaurant has already bounced back since the onslaught of the pandemic. This place was used to be the favorite place of public figures including the former Philippine president. 

As we are back in errands and in-person shopping, our visit to Quiapo will never be complete without the stop-over at Ramon Lee. Just a few walks away from the Quiapo church. Crossed the Avenida or Rizal Avenue while approaching the Binondo proper, the Sta. Cruz area. Ramon Lee is in Ronquillo St.
Ramon Lee Panciteria cashier's area
RL cashier's area

Every time we visit Ramon Lee, their bestseller's fried chicken and pancit canton is our go-to food. Today, we ordered the RL Fine Meal, it's combo plate that included fried chicken, meatballs, pancit bihon, egg soup, shanghai fried rice, and a banana. This is absolutely heavy on my part!

What to eat at Ramon Lee Panciteria
RL counter

In reality

Food prices have deliberately increased. Our parents used to bring us here when we were still kids. We technically grew up with the taste of fried chicken. Back then, we didn't mind the cost and how the food should taste. We remember when the soft drinks were served in its bottle accompanied with a thick clear drinking glass with crushed ice. They did until the late 2000's. Now, in 2022, the thick glass with manually ice-picked blocks of ice can be seen within the kitchen area, and are still being served. But the beverages are now sold in cans at P58.

Ramon Lee Panciteria Fine Meal
Fine meal

Ramon Lee food

Extra shanghai fried rice is around P60 per cup. The meatballs are not so great anymore, while the pancit bihon is also bland. But the chicken recipe retains its nostalgic aroma and tender meat -- with the hint of marinated Chinese herbs and juicy taste. Indeed, this fine meal is loaded with carbs. After every long walk in Binondo or Quiapo, RL is still a great stop over.

What to eat at Ramon Lee Panciteria
Ramon Lee Fine Meal (P250)

Ramon Lee price

Some concerned customers say the cost of RL food is insane. I got that the food had become mediocre and the restaurant's interiors are almost the same since our last visit. Hence, the comfort rooms have greatly improved. Before, if you witnessed how scary the look of the CR was, you wouldn't get in. "Dugyot" as it seems they are before, but renovations have been made. 
Ramon Lee Panciteria dining area
RL dining area

In totality, you will spend a minimum of P1,000 for a meal for two. Yes it is quite expensive, and yet we do hope that you remember, we came here and paid for the nostalgia, the Binondo feels and the old traditional chicken recipe that we always craved for. Ramon Lee has endured time since 1929!

What to eat at Ramon Lee Panciteria
Ronquillo Street

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