Bretto's Fine Meat and Deli Shop

Pampangs: Bretto's

Bretto's Fine Meat and Deli Shop, a convenient store and cafe wrapped in one. It's not your ordinary convenient store, an authentic American deli that served  different kinds of sausages, steaks and wines galore. Must try are their subs and sandwiches. 

Most commoners who do groceries were ex-American soldiers or wives/girls of these guys who crave for those really massive steaks and big subs!

Chicken Alfalfa Pesto Sub
We were here for two reasons, for the take home packed sausages and steaks (Bretto's is famous for this, although a little pricey but other establishment offer the same steaks and sausages for a really exorbitant - triple the pric tag) and burning time until Wan Jai opens up in a few hours. Wan Jai, another Thai resto original from Angeles, Pampanga.
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#506 Don Juico Avenue
Malabanias Street
Angeles City