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Tous Les Jours Philippines

The Block SM City North EDSA

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Mid morning of New Year's eve of 2012,  Foodamn Philippines was on the run to reached Tous Les Jours at The Block to post order for the first heart-shaped cake on toll. Cakes were almost boxed up for those who made reservations. And I was trying my luck to get a cake for my unica iha (first daughter) 6th birthday, it was the brand she personally requested no matter how small and dainty the cake was. 
Foodamn PHL: Tous Les Jours Philippines

Girls have a thing for a heart-shaped items, Tous Les Jours easily caught her attention.

"Chocolate Heart Cake  is made up of light and moist sponge cake topped with a rich layer of belgian chocolate ganache. decorated with chocolate, and cookie hearts with drops of 24k edible gold leaf."

Everything consumed
The cake has comparatively average sweetness and bittersweet in between, it's a craving you won't deny yourself. :) 
Chocolate Heart Cake PhP 598 (approx. US$ 15)
We've been viewing Tous Les Jours Philippines website and lusciously plan what cake(s) to have next time. Set aside the macarons and sweet black rice bread with black sesame cream cheese, how about you? Which ones are your favorites? Share your Foodamn Philippines Tous Les Jours eat-out!
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  1. You are not helping my 2013 resolution posting yummy cakes like this. Because of you, I am going way beyond my chocolate budget for today. I will forgive you of course as soon as you set our date in this place.

    P.S. Just so you know, you are one of the reasons I read food blogs. :P

    1. A comment that made me jump off my bed! :) I thought I was having a reader with bad hair day. I tell you that cake was so sinful, let me share those acts some time.

      Impressive comment and observation you have. Thank you sis!

      P.S. let's hit the cafe soon! :P


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