What to eat at Khas Food House

Dishes we've tried at Khas Food House

What to eat at Khas Food House
What to eat at Khas Food House

When you are into Persian or Mediterranean food like us, Khas is known for International cuisine, more on the pork-less ingredients. But more on the chicken and beefy side. Random stuff is made spicy, but they can adjust to your preference. 

What to eat at Khas Food House

The Biryani dish is one of their bestsellers. Your choice: Beef, chicken or vegetable. This dish is made of generous biryani rice and extremely flavorful beef. A vegetable rice cooked in imported spices with the house special sauce.

What to eat at Khas Food House
On the table Biryani Beef (P295) and Sizzling Beef Kebab (P275)

Sizzling Kebab with rice or pita breadIt is made of boneless beef patties with onion paste, cumin seed, young corn, bell pepper, tomato garlic and ginger served in a sizzling plate. 

Sizzling Kebab by Khas Food House
Spicy Sizzling Beef Kebab (P275)

Sizzling Kebab by Khas Food House
Spicy Sizzling Beef Kebab with garlic sauce

Citytop Fiesta, also one of the patron's favorites. Khas was earlier known as City Top when they were still in the previous area along the Shopping Center. This dish is well known as UP campus special. A platter of rice served with four sidings, salad, and soup.

citytop fiesta by Khas Food House
Citytop Fiesta (P165)

Keema Special. Spicy beef with onions, tomato, garlic and ginger. This meal is served with salad siding and vegetable soup.
keema special by Khas Food House
Keema Special (150)

Jambalaya. Spicy rice with freshly ground spices, squid, shrimp, chicken, and celery.  This good for two meals is served with Khas special herb sauce. 
jambalaya by Khas Food House
Jambalaya (P160)

Upside Down. Is a spicy dish with ground beef, spices, green peas, potatoes, carrots, and onions.
upside down meal Khas Food House
Upside down meal (P140)

Daal Masoor. An Indian soup made with red lentils simmered with herbs, spice and curry paste. 
Montiventigoni (daal-masoor) by Khas Food House
Montiventigoni / Daal-masoor (P140)

Zetheska. Finally tried the Khas’ version of shawarma, the Zetheska, pita-wrapped spicy beef with cabbage, cucumber, onion slices and spices with garlic sauce.

zetheska by Khas Food House
Zetheska (P90)

Lassi. When in Khas, this yogurt shake is our drink and dessert at the same time. It's a traditional dahl (yogurt)-based drink. 

lasi by Khas Food House
Lassi (90)

lasi by Khas Food House
Lasi (90)

That's not what you think. If you're into the Anton Ego surprise me type, suit yourself with the Raza's courtesy. Famous for the line "Is can never be the same indeed, that's not what you think."  The dish is worth P160 per order. 

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Khas Food House is located in UP School of Urban and Regional Planning (SURP), UP Diliman, Quezon City

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