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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sexy Detox: Healthy juicing for your digestion and cleansing


SEXY DETOX for a healthier, sexier you

via Foodamn Philippines

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Foodamn Philippines has been "juicing" at home with  our recipe invention (whatever is available in the kitchen) mixed-up experiment. We do it by juicing at least 5 different fruits/vegetables using a regular blender and then chilled, ready-to-drink anytime for the immune system. If kept inside the fridge this "natural juice" would last for 5 days the most under high temp.  :)

Last week Foodamn Philippines agreed to try 5 juice bottles of Sexy Detox to make an honest review. We were given 5 different flavors: Hulk Green, Citrus Sunshine,  Fast Red, Almond Delight and Cocoa Surprise.
 photo sexy-detox-foodamn-philippines-01.jpg
Sexy Detox: Healthy juicing for your digestion and cleansing
From the brochure given, it says 5 bottles for 1 day cleanse with a 3-day shelf life. The three regular flavors - Hulk Green, Citrus Sunshine, Fast Red taste good and refreshing.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Foodamn PH: Foodgasm 4 Winners


Foodagasm 4: Craving 4 More Winners by Foodamn Philippines

With Top 3 Food Choices from a 7-year old Food Critic :)
Held at Mercato Centrale, March 8, 2014

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UP Economic Society

Before we proceed with the winners from Foodgasm 4 Craving 4 More, Foodamn PH voted for:

Expert's Choice - Ruby Red Kitchen
This potatoes pull-apart bread, I do know how they come up with it but the result are fantastic. Although monkey bread is not an original Filipino recipe but our love for pastries makes this heavenly bread smacked right to our taste buds. I'd asked Mr. Mario McDermott why "Monkey Bread?" The bread can be eaten the way monkey eats. I believe him so, back home once the bread was served in our table "should we sliced it?" Maybe not because the essence of being a monkey bread will not served its purpose.  :) This is good, I love to have them on breakfast. Can you teach our local panaderos?

Most Innovative - Niku Niku
I breathe Japanese  food (charot!) that's why when I saw Niku Niku prepping I said to myself I have to get bigger parts! LOL Good thing I brought my child along so in case she doesn't like she'll pass it on me but most probably not because she just loves anything with Nori :) The thing about Niku Niku there's this guy (I presumed his name was Niku?) who patiently explains the process, the ingredients with fishcake being pure fishcake compare to low class method. Impressive how he curates his product! He sells it well and deserves a prize for that!

Hunger Buster is the next best thing maybe because we have so much fascination with burgers, and that mini buns captures the heart of a hungry judge. In fairness the burgers are tender, juicy, cheesy and is worth buying if I were to choose what to buy from Foodgasm. 

The last food that captures my delight was that from Babci Kuchnia's Polish Peirogi.  It's actually a steamed dumpling and then fried, sauced. I tasted the cheese rum raisin with sweet filling. Yeah it looks ordinary but then I said there something special the way they cook it. This one also deserves an award if given a chance. I'm looking forward to BK's savoury fillings (potato onion, cheese/beef veggies and cheese / beef and sauerkraut).

Foodgasm 3 Champion - Hunger Buster
 photo foodgasm-4-foodamn-ph-hunger-buster-cheecups-09.jpg

Hunger Buster the mini and yet tasteful burgers from Foodgasm 4. Prepared closely by the handsome hands, they captured the diners with delight and gusto.

Other special awards goes to the following food entrepreneurs:

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Foodamn PH: FOODGASM 4 Participants (March 2014)


Foodgasm 4 Participants (March 2014)


by Foodamn Philippines

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March 9, 2014 Manila, Philippines - Here's a photo blog of participants from Foodgasm 4: Craving 4 More.

Last night Foodgasm event was extra wonderful because for the first time I brought along with me my little Foodamn girl. New and old food bloggers grace the event, I wonder who their favorite choices are for Expert's Choice recipe and Most Innovative Award.

List of Food Entries for the night:

 photo foodgasm-4-foodamn-ph-09.jpg
Foodamn PH: Foodgasm 4 #Craving4More Participants
The Happy Monster
Cuptain Cakes
Cooking Ina's Kitchen
Batak Sesame Cupcake by Cuptain Cakes
Description: An intriguing flavor of Sesame that will definitely grow into you

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Foodgasm 4 Craving 4 More at Mercato Centrale


The UP Economics Society, Midnight Mercato and Wacoal proudly present

Foodgasm 4, Craving 4 More

with #FoodamnPH  (Foodamn Philippines)

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Your favorite foodie event FOODGASM 4 is back and tastier than ever! Get ready to taste and judge the best upcoming dishes the Metro has to offer on March 8, 2014 at Mercato Centrale in Bonifacio Global City, from 6pm-11pm!
 photo foodgasm-4-foodamn-ph-02.jpg
Foodamn PH: Foodgasm 4 Craving 4 More

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Foodamn Philippines: Perxclub App - Digital Loyalty Stamps


How to Switch from Traditional Loyalty Card to Perxclub App

by Foodamn Philippines

Featuring: Kopi Roti and White Hat


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It's the generation of ditching papers and substituting almost anything that is digital or can be digitized. I was surprised to find out that my Loyalty card to one of our fave yogurt brand converted to digital stamps referred as Perxtamp, powered by Perxclub App - a Singapore-based mobile app for consumers to collect loyalty points (on electronic stub format) and rewards  from different establishments and point of location in just a single app.
 photo perxclub-app-digital-loyalty-card-01.jpg
Perxclub App is free
How to switch from wallet-thick loyalty cards to  digital loyal stamps. Simply install Perxclub app to your mobile device and start earning points and perks.

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